What kinds of cone crushers are there?

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Tapered crusher adopts labyrinth sealing device, instead of water sealing used in the past, so that dust and impurities can not enter the human body, thus ensuring the cleanliness of moistening oil, prolonging the life of sliding bearings, thrust ball bearings, so that the machine runs reliably; then what kinds of tapered crusher? Let's take a look at it. The

SMG series

SMG series hydraulic cone crusher summarizes the advantages of various crushing chambers. Based on the theoretical analysis and practical test, the SMG series hydraulic cone crusher designed by the engineer has a variety of crushing chamber types to choose from by choosing suitable crushing chamber types and eccentricity. It can maximize the production requirements of customers and achieve high production. Under the condition of full feeding, the laminated crushing can be realized, so that the final product line is better

spring type

spring cone crusher can insure the spring safety system of the spring cone crusher when the non-breakable foreign body passes through the crushing chamber or when the machine is overloaded for some reason. Foreign bodies are discharged from the crushing chamber, such as foreign bodies stuck in the mouth of the use of cavity cleaning system, so that the discharge continues to increase, so that foreign bodies discharged from the crushing chamber. Under the action of the spring, the discharge port automatically resets, and the spring cone crusher returns to normal operation-nbsp;

spring cone crusher is divided into three kinds: coarse crushing spring cone crusher, medium crushing spring cone crusher and fine crushing spring cone crusher. Among them, spring cone crusher for coarse crushing is also called rotary crusher; medium crushing spring cone crusher is standard cone crusher; fine crushing cone crusher is also called short-head cone crusher or "round mill".

HPC series

HPC series high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher has the world's advanced level of high-energy crusher, it is the crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crushing cavity design of the perfect combination. It not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ore crushing, it can be in a variety of crushing, fine crushing, ultra-fine crushing operations to provide unparalleled crushing performance. Its high rotational speed, high crushing capacity and unique patented design make the crushed products have extremely high-quality cubic shape, and easy to maintain features to ensure exceptional high stability operation. Above three types of cone crushers are the type of hope to help you, Tangshan Xinbao Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Zunhua mining machinery industry base Zunbao Road, and the large-scale world cultural heritage Qingdongling tourist area. All employees of Xinbao will make full use of their unique regional advantages, always follow their own quality commitment, service commitment and reputation commitment, customer satisfaction as our highest pursuit. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven



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