Today, I am honored to meet you. The power of integrity is great. Whether it is a natural change or the development of today's enterprise, integrity allows us to meet, let us collaborate, and make us friends.

"Making high-quality products, establishing a strong enterprise, and establishing an honest brand" is Xinbao Yida's entrepreneurial spirit, and is also the goal of Xinbao Yida's joint efforts. As always, the stone factory is based on promoting and improving the technology level and service level of the enterprise. It strives to make the enterprise bigger, more specialized, stronger, and leads the enterprise to continue to move forward. "Making products with heart, making quality with character" is the new insurance The quality concept, with the user's confidence, make the market satisfied, and create a harmonious environment of mutual benefit and win-win.

On this occasion, I bring all the employees of Xinbaoyida to express my heartfelt thanks to all friends from all walks of life who care about and support Xinbaoyida's cause! Let us work together to create brilliant!

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