Talent idea

  the company adheres to the people-oriented concept and advocates the concept of "I promote development for enterprises and enterprises create platforms for me". Selecting good people, using good people, cultivating people, gathering people and developing people as the starting point of human resource management, we should create a good atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth of excellent talents, build a high quality, high skill and high loyalty staff, and provide reliable human resources guarantee for the realization of the company strategy.

  the company has established a mode of selecting and appointing managerial personnel with open competition as the main mode and the way of training and assessing posts for production technicians. The company attaches great importance to the introduction of talents, and is open to recruiting outstanding graduates from famous universities at home and abroad to join the company. At the same time, the company pays more attention to the introduction of external experts and scholars and special talents in order to enrich the company's senior management and professional technical team.

  the company advocates "respect for science, seeking truth from facts, fair competition, solidarity and cooperation, insistence on innovation, the realization of first class, dedication and Transcendence of self" spirit. The company respects the basic rights of the staff, establishes a harmonious and harmonious working environment among the employees, encourages the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees, and provides the stage for each employee to show the talent, improve the staff's working skills and comprehensive quality through various ways, and make the workers and enterprises enjoy the sun and share the wind and rain. "."

  the company provides staff with management, technology, skills and other aspects of professional development channels and loose internal flow environment, so that employees can better play their potential. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven

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