today is a great honor to meet with you, the strength of integrity is great, whether it is a natural change, or the development of today's enterprises, good faith let us know, let us cooperate, let us become friends.

      "making high quality products, establishing strong enterprise, tree honesty brand" is the enterprise spirit of new Bao Yi Da, and is also the goal of the joint efforts of the new people. As always, the company has a foothold in promoting and improving the scientific and technological level and service level of the enterprise, and endeavor to make the enterprise big, special and strong, leading the enterprise to move forward continuously. "Making the product with the human quality" is the quality concept of the new insurance Yida, relieving the users, making the market satisfied and creating a harmonious environment with mutual benefit and win-win situation. .

      on duty, I and all the staff of new insurance Yida express our sincere thanks to all the friends from all walks of life who are interested in supporting the cause of new yidad! Let us work together to create brilliance together!

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